The Journey


The Journey by John Parker

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The Journey was first performed in 2001 at the Brisbane Powerhouse as part of Stand With Us, a concert in support of young refugees. It depicts a long search over vast distances, a search for sanctuary and a sense of homecoming. It is scored for six percussionists and features an extensive vibraphone solo. The piece suits players of an intermediate skill level and features the use of Meditation bells.

** This updated version comes with optional electric bass and drum kit parts **


Player 1 – Glockenspiel 1, snare drum and small bell (pitch E5) – with metal beater

Player 2 – Glockenspiel 2, empty metal keg (or any bits of junk metal with similar sonic characteristics – you need to achieve four different tones), 2 x small bells (pitch F#5 and B4) – with metal beater

Player 3 – 3 x cymbals with rattan sticks (try and vary the size considerably eg, open hihat, thin crash, large ride. Player can improvise cymbal sounds) and small bell (pitch D5) – with metal beater

Player 4 – Vibraphone (solo part)

Player 5 – Marimba 1 and F# meditation bell (pitch F#4) (solo part) (played by swirling a wooden stick gently around the outside edge – sound will crescendo ever so gently) + metal beater

Player 6 – Marimba 2 and kick drum (operated with foot pedal or can be played by an extra percussionist on an elevated kick drum with a hard mallet. This line is also covered by the optional drum set part)

Player 7 – Electric bass (optional)

Player 8 – Drum set (optional)

The piece was commissioned by the Ferny Grove State High School Percussion Ensemble and its director Stephanie McCaw. Many thanks for their ongoing support.

Ferny Grove State High School Percussion Ensemble 1 – performs “The Journey”

Weight 280.00 g
Dimensions 30.0 × 22.0 × 0.6 cm

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