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Last Year Of The Old World – PDF


Last Year of the Old World – PDF Version by John Parker

The name suggests a time of change, a shift from one era to another, perhaps. You’ll notice there’s a definite change of character in the piece, from something suggesting turmoil and the clash of mighty forces to something altogether more harmonious. It is scored for seven players – six percussionists and electric bass. The vibraphone player has an extensive solo. The piece suits players of an intermediate skill level.

The piece was commissioned by the Ferny Grove State High School Percussion Ensemble and its director Stephanie McCaw. Many thanks for their ongoing support.


Player 1 – Glock 1, cymbal, cowbell or junk, bongos, shekere or cabasa, cow bell with foot pedal

Player 2 – Marimba 2, cymbal, crasher, kick drum mounted

Player 3 – Marimba 1, cymbal, agogo-like junk, piccolo snare drum, low tom, biggest gong available

Player 4 – Four timpani, cymbal, junk, very small tom, triangle

Player 5 – Vibes, cymbal, keg or junk, concert bass drum

Player 6 – Glock 2, cymbal, various pieces of junk, snare drum

Player 7 – Electric Bass

Please Note: Every attempt should be made to vary the cymbals as much as possible.

Please click here for a direct link to the audio file

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