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Life Gets In The Way

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Life Gets In The Way by John Parker. Performed by Nozomi Omote and Trichotomy

** Usually $80. Special introductory price $60! **

A unique digital package: Score, Parts, backing tracks and video

Notes from the composer:

Originally composed during a year spent in Sydney juggling between being a musician, composer, and most importantly, running a full-time “Daddy Day-care”. The initial version of the piece was created for Trichotomy and String Quartet and symbolises the journey of bringing up two young children in an unfamiliar place and how best laid plans can often morph into the unexpected. In 2020 (eight years after the original release), I thought “our string quartet material would work well for percussion ensemble and the jazz trio”. The fantastic Brisbane based percussionist Nozomi Omote was my first choice. She took to the material with a precise eye and unrelenting work ethic in amongst her commitments as a mother of two. Oh the irony!

The final product is an uplifting work adaptable for 1-7 percussionists utilising the included backing tracks. The piece can be performed as a full ensemble or as an individual part accompanied by the rest of the ensemble. Also included are versions minus the percussion ensemble (jazz trio only) and all minus the jazz trio (percussion ensemble only). The piano part has been supplied as two additional marimba parts if this suits your set up better.



Vibes 1

Vibes 2

Marimba 1

Marimba 2


Piano RH part mallets (optional)

Piano LH part mallets (optional)

Bass (acoustic preferable)

Kanjira (or similar hand drum with bass and slap tones)

Drum kit


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