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That Which Is Not Fleeting

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That Which is Not Fleeting. by Sean Foran. Performed by Nozomi Omote and Trichotomy

A unique digital package: Score, Parts, backing tracks and video

Notes from the composer:

Originally composed for the double ensemble of Trichotomy and chamber group Topology, this work was first released on the “Healthy” album in 2014. For this new arrangement the strings and saxophone of Topology have been replaced by Vibraphone, Marimba and Glockenspiel.

A hypnotising piece, the music aims to create a shifting bed of arpeggiated textures for the melody to float over, with a changing sense of time signature throughout. Once into the solo sections the work shifts into a 5/4 groove, pulling the listener into new territory.
An engaging work with exciting interlocking parts for the Vibraphone and Marimba.

The piece can be performed as a full ensemble or as an individual part accompanied by the rest of the ensemble. Also included are versions minus the percussion ensemble (jazz trio only) and all minus the jazz trio (percussion ensemble only). The piano part has been supplied as an additional marimba parts if this suits your set up better.


Vibes 1

Vibes 2

Marimba 1

Marimba 2


Optional – Marimba 3 part as substitute for piano

Bass (acoustic preferable)

Drum kit

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