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Momentary Control

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Momentary Control by Sean Foran

Originally written for Trichotomy and Nozomi Omote

Instrumentation: (1-7 players) Vibraphone (x2), Marimba, Piano, Double Bass, Drum Kit, auxiliary percussion (optional)

Difficulty: Medium-Advanced 

About the piece:
In this exciting work the sounds of a jazz trio – piano, double bass and drums is paired with the melodic intricacies of Marimba and Vibraphone. Featuring interlocking melodic parts and captivating rhythmic grooves, this is a challenging piece that allows all the musicians to perform interesting parts that contribute to the overall sound of the work. Improvising elements are included for the piano part with an improvised piano solo over supplied chord changes.
The included backing tracks also allow the work to be practiced and/or performed by a soloist with the professionally recorded backings.


Composer Notes:

Perhaps the title for this piece refers to how we move through every day, but for me the inspiration was in the feeling that when composing or improvising music there is a constant push and pull with a sense of control and chaos. This flux is integral I believe…and I welcome the sense of surprise, and the challenge that comes with the constant element of the known and unknown. I know what’s coming next..but then again, I don’t.

The work often features a simple melody – mostly played by Vibraphone and Marimba – floating over some more dense melodic and rhythmic parts – with the second Vibraphone part and the trio (piano/double bass/drums) creating these interlocking textures.

Written in 6/8, the piece often creates a shifting sense of pulse, with phrasing for the marimba, bass and piano often creating cross rhythms, pushing into a sense of 12/8.




Composer interview:



This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body



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