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Castlemaine Rock PDF


Castlemaine Rock by John Parker – for 6 or more percussionists

Available in PDF form

Castlemaine Rock was written during my recent tour to Castlemaine in Victoria for their Biennial Festival of the Arts. The piece takes its name from the town’s famous rock candy and inspired me to write a ‘rocking’ tom piece. I wrote the piece to be as portable as possible, but more toms and/or performers may be added at will. For example; for an ensemble of eight performers – double parts 1 and 6.

In order to emphasise the implied rhythms please play the accents quite strongly. The piece works well visually and sonically if all performers execute the ‘stick clicks’ above their heads. Players from beginner through to advanced levels can successfully perform this work.


4 tom toms – ranging from as low as possible to as high as possible (Toms may be substituted with any other drums)

1 mounted kick drum or heavily dampened concert bass drum (This may be substituted with a large floor tom if no bass drum is available)

1 snare drum

6 music stands

Castlemaine Rock written and conducted by John Parker. Massed percussion ensemble performance by several Brisbane and greater Brisbane schools at the “Big Percussion Day Out” on Saturday the 17th of October 2009 at Albany Creek State High School. Many thanks to all who were involved.

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