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Progressive Steps to Better Drummingby Australian drummer/ educator Dave Sanders.

What makes this book different from all the others? The answer is a practical approach that is focused on musical application.
The author Dave Sanders claims that “This isn’t a book for the beginner drummer… it is aimed at the drummer who already has some experience, can read basic rhythms, can play beats in various styles and wants to become a more well – rounded and versatile musician”. Dave continues: “I wrote this book a result of my many years teaching a vast array of students ranging in age and experience from primary school aged children, teenagers, tertiary students and working professional drummers.”

Dave wasn’t only teaching, he was also maintaining a very active career as a freelance drummer, performing and recording with national and international acts…
“I was teaching 3 to 4 days a week, then was out playing most nights, little gigs, jazz gigs, rock gigs, reading gigs, big festivals, recording…everything!…It helped to inform me on what was needed from a drummer and in turn what were the important skills the student of the drums must develop”.

Progressive Steps to Better Drumming delivers a practical method of developing your musical coordination, rhythmic control and dynamic control on the drum set in a clearly communicated and systematic way.

Progressive Steps to Better Drumming can be purchased at any great drum shop and also online here:

Some Australia’s most respected drummers and educators have given Progressive Steps to Better Drumming the thumbs up:


“Anyone serious about drums and percussion will derive immense benefit from this book.
Dave’s book covers a lot of the gaps that I have noticed in the development of drummers in my many years of teaching. Each concept is explored and explained in great depth. The text accompanying the written examples is personal, honest and very encouraging.”

David Jones – Honorary Senior Fellow VCA/MCM Melbourne University

Recipient of Melbourne Prize for Music 2010


“This is an excellent resource for drummers and drum set teachers by one of Australia’s most experienced drummer/educators. In Progressive Steps to Better Drumming, David offers his wealth of knowledge in a clearly communicated way that will be of great use to both students and professional musicians”

Dr Simon Barker – Senior Lecturer in Drum Set – Sydney Conservatorium of Music


“Dave’s many years as both a professional musician and educator are evident here .

I believe any student of the drum set will benefit from focused study of this material.

Progressive Steps To Better Drumming details the foundation of drum kit playing whilst illuminating the avenues a student may take to combine more advanced concepts, through which to achieve their own sound”.

Hamish Stuart – Drummer


“This is a text that gets straight to the point, comprising hundreds of valuable and practical exercises and concepts that are drawn from Dave’s extensive one-on-one teaching experience. These exercises have been  honed and refined over many years so as to thoroughly cover the nuts and bolts of what it is to be a contemporary drummer. A valuable addition to any drummer’s library.”
Gordon Rytmeister– Drummer and educator


“This comprehensive, practical and well-written book clearly details the skills that every working drummer needs… I will be recommending this book to my students”

Jim Piesse and educator.


“At last, here is a book that explains the importance of permutation, that is the development of four-limb independence on the drum set. There have been other books published discussing this topic, but Dave lays the whole concept out in easy to understand terms. I have been an educator for 25 years and I will certainly be adding this book to my arsenal of tools”.

Kerry Jacobson – Drummer and Educator


“Dave’s teaching method has always been the most practical for working drummers. So many teachers focus on exercises that are not practical and are never used on the band stand. Twenty years after studying with Dave I still come back to these exercises and highly recommend anyone who’s considering being a drummer to start here!”

Dave Hibbard – Drummer


“Progressive Steps To Better Drumming gives students & educators a methodical approach to developing consistency and fluency at the drum set across a range of styles and applications. Dave is an incredibly thorough educator and the material presented in this book is a culmination of the knowledge he has gained through years of performance and education. A must for the working drummer”.

Aaron Jansz Drummer and Educator


David Sanders has produced an excellent resource for drummers of wide-ranging skill and experience. Anyone interested in improving their skill and knowledge as a drummer could turn to this book for answers to just about anything they would like to ask. A brilliant contribution to drum set education!”

Dr Dave Goodman – Drummer and Educator


“What a collection of drum wisdom! Dave’s teaching took my playing to new heights during my lessons with him, now the secrets are out!”

Byron GoodwinDrummer and Educator


“For me, Dave’s wealth of knowledge and approach to teaching drum set has been not only an ever-reliable foundation, but a constant source of inspiration. I constantly draw on Dave’s teachings and advice. The technique, versatility, flexibility and approach toward study and practise I’ve learned from Dave has been absolutely invaluable. This book encompasses Dave’s concepts and approach to teaching drum set. I highly recommend this book!

Jacob Mann – Drummer and Educator




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