Beat Roots by Steve Powell

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We have some really exciting news! We’ve just put out a brand spanking new drum book by Brisbane drummer and funk scholar Steve Powell. It’s entitled “Beat Roots“. Read on!

Many years in the making, Beat Roots is a collection of well-known and rare R&B/soul, funk and rock drum beats from the late 1960s to early 1980s.

It features:

– Accurately notated drum beat transcriptions

– Drummer profiles

– Information about the songs and the artists who have sampled them

– Overview of American R&B/soul and funk origins, styles and artists

with beats by:

Bernard Purdie

James Gadson

Idris Muhammad

Clyde Stubblefield

David Garibaldi

Billy Cobham

Paul Humphrey

Grady Tate

… and many more!

Beat Roots is a dedication to the drummers who created these intoxicating grooves. It is also a source from which today’s drummers can faithfully recreate some of the funkiest and most important drum beats in popular music.

Whether you’re into funk, soul, jazz, R&B, disco, fusion, rock, psychedelia, funky 60’s movie soundtracks, hip-hop or electronic dance music – it’s all here.

Check out what these amazing drummers are saying about the book:


“What an epic project! Absolutely love it!”

Terepai Richmond (Directions in Groove (DIG), The Whitlams)


“Steve has collated a trove of excellent groove transcriptions — some classic, some obscure, all hip — from well-known and lesser-known studio drummers, presented in a really accessible format. Great job.”

Andy Gander


“Through the window of the past Steve brings us a wealth of inspiring information we can apply right now. Feel, swing, groove — just listen — these cats will ‘sock it to ya!’”

Hamish Stuart (Jackie Orszaczky, Lucie Thorne, Ian Moss, Renee Geyer)



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