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Beat Roots


Beat Roots by Steve Powell


Many years in the making, Beat Roots is a collection of well-known and rare R&B/soul, funk and rock drum beats from the late 1960s to early 1980s.

It features:

  • Accurately notated drum beat transcriptions
  • Drummer profiles
  • Information about the songs and the artists who have sampled them
  • Overview of American R&B/soul and funk origins, styles and artists

with beats by:

  • Bernard Purdie
  • James Gadson
  • Idris Muhammad
  • Clyde Stubblefield
  • David Garibaldi
  • Billy Cobham
  • Paul Humphrey
  • Grady Tate
  • … and many more!

Beat Roots is a dedication to the drummers who created these intoxicating grooves. It is also a source from which today’s drummers can faithfully recreate some of the funkiest and most important drum beats in popular music.

Whether you’re into funk, soul, jazz,R&B, disco, fusion, rock, psychedelia, funky 60’s movie soundtracks, hip-hop or electronic dance music – it’s all here.

Check out what these amazing drummers are saying about the book:

“What an epic project! Absolutely love it!”

Terepai Richmond (Directions in Groove (DIG), The Whitlams)

“Steve has collated a trove of excellent groove transcriptions — some classic, some obscure, all hip — from well-known and lesser-known studio drummers, presented in a really accessible format. Great job.”

Andy Gander (Vince Jones, Dale Barlow, Chris Abrahams, Jason Morphett, Lloyd Swanton, James Muller, James Greening, Matt McMahon and plus many others, as well as many international artists including Bobby Shew, Ernie Watts, Harry Connick, Jim McNeely, Jim Pugh, Joe Pass, John McLaughlin, Johnny Griffin, Kenny Kirkland, Kenny Wheeler, Mark Murphy, Michael Brecker, Ray Brown and many others)

“Through the window of the past Steve brings us a wealth of inspiring information we can apply right now.Feel, swing, groove — just listen — these cats will ‘sock it to ya!’”

Hamish Stuart (Jackie Orszaczky,Lucie Thorne, Ian Moss,

Renee Geyer)


“I am very, very impressed by your book. Your care and attention to detail is evident in every page. You’ve clearly done a great deal of painstaking research – I’ve read things here that I have never seen anywhere else”

Jim Piesse (David Hobson, Tim Draxl, The Seekers, Spike Milligan, Ronnie Corbett, Ross Wilson, The Four Kinsmen and Marina Prior)

Beat Roots – Clyde Stubblefield “Unwind Yourself” – performed by Darran Muller from Prepared Sounds on Vimeo.

Beat Roots – Carleen Butler’s groove on “The Thing” performed by Dave Sanders from Prepared Sounds on Vimeo.

Beat Roots – Bernard Purdie’s groove on “Duffer in F” performed by Daniel Farrugia from Prepared Sounds on Vimeo.

Weight 495 g
Dimensions 30.5 × 1.5 × 22.5 cm

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