The Beast


The Beast

‘The Beast’ is a vigorous and heavily groove orientated piece composed to utilise the dismantled pieces of a standard 5 piece drum kit. Because if it’s readily available instrumentation the piece is designed to be accessible to a wide array of ensembles.

The piece is a complete entity in it’s present form however, I am not altogether precious about the accuracy of instrumentation. So if you have extra items of percussion equipment at your disposal please feel free to substitute and/or augment any of the parts with instruments of your choice.

Please note: Swapping the bass drum part for kazoo may yield short term comedic value, but will eventually render the composition’s ‘beastly’ status void.

You may double any of the parts depending on how many players you have available.

Go forth and conquer!


Player 1 – High hats and crash cymbal (optional – part can be performed by 2 players)

Player 2 – High tom (highest pitched ‘rack’ tom from a drum kit)

Player 3 – Snare drum

Player 4 – Ride cymbal

Player 5 – Low tom (lowest pitched ‘rack’ tom from a drum kit)

Player 6 – Floor tom and bass drum (‘kick drum’ mounted on 2 chairs) (optional – part can be performed by 2 players)

Please click here for a direct link to the audio file

Weight 200.00 g
Dimensions 31.0 × 23.0 × 0.4 cm

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