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A Minor Tune – PDF


A Minor Tune for 6-8 players and optional bass guitar – by John Parker


Written during 2017 for the Marist College Ashgrove Percussion Ensemble 2. Much like his earlier work “In Progress”, A Minor Tune was composed exclusively for tuned percussion instruments in an endeavour to inspire young performers (in particular young men) to get interested in mallet percussion.

In “A Minor Tune” John tried to compose some simple yet catchy themes for the performers to learn. It is aimed at a beginner to intermediate level. John attempted to describe some of the harmonic and compositional elements by highlighting these in the score and parts as cues for the players. For example, “E phrygian major”, “G bass” and “Steve Reich like”etc…

Hopefully these sign-posts give the performers a little more information about the construction of the piece and some aural markers which may be helpful during the rehearsal process.

The piece is written for 6-8 performers with an optional electric bass part.


Player 1 – Xylophone 1 (doubled by Vibraphone 1)
Player 2 – Vibraphone 1
Player 3 – Xylophone 2 (doubled by Vibraphone 2)
Player 4 – Vibraphone 2
Player 5 – Marimba 1 High (shared instrument with Marimba 1 Low)
Player 6 – Marimba 1 Low
Player 7 – Marimba 2 High (shared instrument with Marimba 2 Low)
Player 8 –  Marimba 2 Low (written for a low F instrument – notes in brackets can be played up the octave)
Player 9 – Electric Bass (optional)

Some of the parts could be swapped out for glockenspiels if other instruments are not available.

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