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Special 2014 start of school year offer – 10% DISCOUNT for students and teachers – read below for details

DRUMS – AN OVERALL APPROACH – by Julian Schweitzer (142 page book!)

10% DISCOUNT for students and teachers – Enter the coupon code DRUMS10%14 at the checkout to receive this exclusive discount.

What some of Australia’s finest drummers have had to say about the book:

“Julian and his collaborators have combined the essence of some of the most famous and important drum books into one book. It has elements of ‘’syncopation’’, ‘’stick control’’ and goes further with including odd timing musical examples. It’s very well graduated from beginner to advanced.
I can definitely see that many drum and percussion teachers could use this as a very comprehensive handbook to guide their students through various levels. Well done.”
David Jones

DRUMS AN OVERALL APPROACH reflects Julian’s persistence, dedication and the desire to share his findings through this book. Julian covers a huge scope of topics and caters for beginner and advanced students alike. It’s a great offering and I’m looking forward to working on some of the studies myself!”
Grant Collins

“Over many years of teaching the drum set, I have never found a book that offers everything a teacher needs to help his or her student develop the necessary skills to become a competent drum set player.” – Julian Schweitzer

This book seeks to fill this gap by providing a compressive breakdown of all aspects of playing the drum set.

This includes:

Reading Musical Notation – including many studies
Technique – Sticking Patterns, Rudiments, Rolls
Snare and bass drum coordination
Latin drumming
Jazz drumming
Time keeping
Advanced coordination

DRUMS – AN OVERALL APPROACH is designed to be the perfect resource for teachers to help take a beginner student up to an advanced level and the ultimate reference guide for students.

Why buy 7 different method books when you can have it all it 1 convenient package!

Available as a 142 page spiral bound book with heavy duty clear plastic cover protectors to unsure many years of solid use.

“An Endangered World”

Prepared Sounds’ composer and co-director John Parker has recently finished a new Percussion Ensemble commission for The Gap State High School. It’s a 6 & 1/2 minute tour de force for tuned and untuned percussion, piano, bass guitar & drum kit. It will be premiered later on in the year so we’ll keep you posted.

Also available from Prepared Sounds:
Bin There, Trashed That! – by Jeff Jarrott – Now available in PDF format
25% saving on the print version of this piece + no postage to worry about!

“Bin There, Trashed That!” is guaranteed to excite and motivate your junior percussion students, not to mention wow your audiences.

The piece is written for large metal and/or plastic rubbish bins (readily available from any hardware store). Position bins in a line or arc, mounted upside-down on either the floor or chairs. Bins should be played with the ‘butt’ ends of drumsticks.

A minimum of 4 players are required, though feel free to use as many players as you like.
The hard copy version is available here

Fact Finding Mission – Trichotomy’s 3rd Album as Sheet Music – Now in it’s 2nd reprint!
Fact Finding Mission is the latest album from contemporary jazz trio TRICHOTOMY.
Consisting of Sean Foran – piano, John Parker – drums and Pat Marchisella – bass, the trio produce jazz inspired sounds that are rich in rhythmic diversity with captivating melodies and inventive harmonic movements.
The score book for FACT FINDING MISSION features leads sheets for all tracks from the album. The detailed charts contain all melodic parts – treble and bass – chord progressions, and key rhythmic elements.
Perfect for any musician wanting to learn cutting edge modern jazz.
The score book also comes with a free download of the album in your choice of FLAC, WAV or mp3.
To hear full audio from the album please see

Downhill Run – Vibraphone & Piano Duet by Sean Foran – Now available in PDF format
(Comes with free downloadable backing tracks)

Introductory price of just $10 – Save over 70% off the price of the printed version and you get it right away!

International customers please pay via PayPal

A work comprising of three distinct sections that features repeated and grooving motives on the piano and captivating vibraphone melodies. Rhythm is the key in this piece with attention drawn to the off beats, which create the illusion of more complex time signatures. Elements of cuban music appear with clave like patterns in the piano and in the final section the vibraphone kicks it up a gear with exciting phrasing across the bar.

The addition of improvised auxiliary percussion parts like bongos, claves and shakers can be used to augment the instrumentation if desired.

Level :  Medium to Advanced


Vibraphone (2 mallets – live or as downloadable backing track)

Piano (live or as downloadable backing track)

Free downloadable content for customers:

Downhill Run comes with backing tracks, which are available as a free download for customers who have bought the work.
The hard copy version is available here

Other Prepared Sounds news:

Jazz trio with string quartet works by Trichotomy available later in the year – stay tuned
Scores for ipad coming soon!!!
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Remember you can buy all music directly from the website, with some works available as PDF downloads.
Don’t forget to contact us if you’ve got any questions about the music or would like to commission work from one of our composers
Thanks for supporting Australian music and stay tuned for the next newsletter with some exciting information about more new work!


– Some exciting originals and arrangements due next year


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